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These courses are the only courses backed by 35 years of experience of balloon training by NABAS, the only trade association in the UK.  Liz is a NABAS approved instructor.

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Level 1 – Balloon & Business Basics – 9.15AM

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FRIDAY 11th MARCH 2022

WEDNESDAY 23rd March 2022


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This course is the only Level 1 course backed by 35 years of experience of training by NABAS, the only trade association in the UK.   Liz is a NABAS approved instructor.

Essential for anyone starting a balloon business – it not only explains all about different balloons, inflation and equipment but also the way to price jobs for profit and market your business to generate customers:

Some of the topics covered include:  

  • Explanation of different gases and equipment
  • Safety and handling
  • Principles and Elements of Design
  • Marketing and Promotional advice
  • Pricing for Profit and Job Costing
  • Correct inflation of various types of balloons, sealing and tying, arranging into displays, arches and garlands
  • Calculations of helium capacity used in balloons
  • The science behind balloons and gases
  • Effects of temperature and altitude on balloons
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers
  • History of NABAS and its place in the Balloon Industry
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Understanding business, overheads, expenses and insurancesPlus much more including tips and techniques to help you troubleshoot and kick-start your business with confidence.

Also upon completion of the Level 1 course you not only get an industry recognised qualification and certificate, but also 10% off your first year membership to NABAS – The Balloon Association – which includes the most comprehensive liability insurance in the industry, access to a members-only business support, webinars and forms, quarterly trade magazine, access to our closed Facebook group and lots of other benefits – please see

As part of the course you’ll also get me as your point of contact for any questions you may have in the future – I’m always here to support and help you with your journey.

Organics V Classic Decor

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Next Course – NEWCASTLE


A NABAS Approved Course – designed to show the differences between the more fluid organic style and the more classic, structured designs.

Covering demi arches, columns, and framework, you will be able to see how both styles are created and implemented into décor, as well as realising how the materials, time and costings differ along the way.

Learning tips and techniques, through a combination of demonstration and hands-on build, you will leave the course feeling confident with both styles and realise how both involve set design principles, just implemented differently.

Whether you prefer the speed of classic, or the individuality of organic this course will give you all you need to know for both.

Includes course notes, NABAS certification and after-course support.

To book, or for further information contact Liz at or on 07951 967731


Subject to Trading Standards and Government guidelines – and strict hygiene standards. Local lockdown restrictions and suspected COVID symptoms will be out of all of our control and refunds/rescheduling will be offered.

Deco Bubbles -V- Aqua Balloons and introduction to Clearz

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The Aqua Balloons are made by the same company who manufacture the deco bubbles, Takara Kosan in Japan.

Both of these clear bubble balloons will play a major part in professional décor – this course shows you how to use both correctly and when to use them to get the most impact in your displays.

It shows the similarities and differences between them both and gives you hand-on experience in using both balloons effectively. We also look at the Amscan Clearz balloons as well as LED lights with bubble balloons.

Covering a lot of the standard deco bubble techniques – confetti, static, foils inside bubbles, feathers – you’ll also learn about bead aquas and flowers inside the aqua balloons, with and without water plus, crucially, job costing the displays.

This is an intermediate/advanced course and requires that you have experience in dealing and handling balloons already.

Course notes and after-course support group come as part of your training.

On-trend Air Filled Designs 

Next Course – KILMARNOCK 


This is an exciting new class, demonstrating completely air-filled designs.  Social media is massive when customers are looking for their next design and these designs are certainly worthy of sharing on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Learn the latest on-trend décor techniques: –

  • Crescent organic bubble/orbz/clearz centrepieces (also known as hugger displays) – currently one of the most popular designs.  Covers an introduction to organics, affixing garlands to a variety of balloons, confetti balloons, embellishing design and upselling.  Discuss seasonal themes and how to maximise your profit, from small scale to grand displays. 
  • Majestic balloon displays (also known as marquee displays) – currently one of the biggest trending designs. From petite, to extravagant, learn how to combine an amalgamation of shapes and colours to shine and show your balloon artistry skills.  Learn techniques including curly entertainer balloons, distorted flowers/hearts, string of pearls, building bases and adding organics, positioning and repairing of foils. You will be shown how to embellish and upsell these beautiful displays and tailor them for seasonal events.
  • Floor standing centrepiece. Techniques include making clusters, attaching securely to a pole, bases for centrepieces, adding foils and embellishing displays to upsell. Introducing seasonal and staple designs to make profit.
  • Learn how to job cost designs correctly to ensure you make maximum profit.

This course is designed for event decorators and retailers looking to learn on-trend themes.

Combining demonstrations, job costing and hands on exercises.  Recipe sheets included with professional photo’s.

Participants should be trained in Level 1 Nabas balloon basics or similar course.



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